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Market Analysis of Manganese Metal

Manganese ore spot overall stable, but the oxide ore and the southern half will be differentiated.The main reasons are as below:

1. At present, the port spot sales price is basically flat compared with the arrival cost, in the case of several months of continuous upside-down, traders are not willing to ship at low prices;

2. From the recent arrival situation and ship table forecast, at the same time during the Spring Festival warehouse decline, port inventory has the possibility of further increase, but mostly for South Africa mine, port latest inventory of 1.42 million tons, of which: South Africa mine in about 690000 tons, accounting for nearly half of the total inventory, the southern half in about 280000 tons, Australia mine, Gabon two mainstream oxide ore inventory of about 510000 tons;

3. After the festival, the resumption of production of early shutdown plants in Guangxi is uncertain, depending on electricity charges and alloy prices.

To sum up, after the Spring Festival, due to the further increase of the total inventory of manganese ore, market sentiment may be affected to a certain extent, but due to the large proportion of South African ore in port inventory, the proportion of oxidized ore is relatively small, at the same time, the concentration of cargo rights is high, and the cost of late arrival is not low, oxidized ore is easy to go up.

Post time: Jan-25-2022