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Ferro Silicon

  • 10-50mm Calcium Silicon Alloy Lump

    10-50mm Calcium Silicon Alloy Lump

    CAS No.: 12013-56-8

    Other Name:  Silicocalcium

    Molecular Formula: SiCa

    Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

    Appearance: Gray Metal Lump

    Application: Deoxidation, Degassing and Sulfur Fixation of Molten Steel

    Density: 2.2g/cm3

    Melting Point: 980~1200℃

    Size: 10-50mm

    HS Code: 7202999900

    Sample: Available

  • 72%/75%min Ferro Silicon Alloy

    72%/75%min Ferro Silicon Alloy

    CAS No.: 8049-17-0

    Other Name:  Ferrosilicon

    Molecular Formula: FeSi

    Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

    Appearance: Silver Gray Metal Block

    Application: Steelmaking

    Density: 4.75 g/cm3

    Melting Point: 1300~1330℃

    Purity: 72%/75%min

    HS Code: 7202210010

    Sample: Available