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Application of cesium sulfate


Cesium salts are widely used in the fields of medicine and catalyst in today's industrial production; Scintillation crystal optoelectronics industry and high-energy physics industry, cesium sulfate chemical formula Cs2SO4. The molecular weight is 361.87. Colorless orthorhombic or hexagonal crystals. The melting point is 1010 ℃, and the relative density is 4.243. At 600 ℃, the orthorhombic system is transformed into hexagonal system. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and acetone. Cesium sulfate is a colorless rhombic or white needle shaped crystal, which is used as the basic raw material for preparing various cesium salts. Mainly used for analytical reagents, microanalysis of lead and trivalent chromium; Special glass; Ceramics; Promoter of catalyst. Cesium sulfate has been used for many years as an analytical reagent and some catalysts.

Cesium sulfate provided by Anhui Fitech Materials Co.,Ltd is used for brewing and making mineral water, and together with vanadium or vanadium pentoxide, it can be used as a catalyst for oxidizing sulfur dioxide.

1) Production of cesium hydroxide. Cesium hydroxide is the basic material for preparing various cesium salts and metal cesium. Due to its unique performance, it is increasingly used in bioengineering, catalyst industry, battery and other industries.
2) A medium temperature electrolyte membrane for fuel cells is prepared. In this method, cesium bisulfate crystal is prepared from cesium sulfate and sulfuric acid, and is ground into powder, and then cesium bisulfate film is prepared by hot pressing film, and then a layer of alloy layer is formed on the surface of cesium bisulfate film by evaporation coating of metal or metal alloy, which can be used to prepare medium temperature electrolytic plasma film.
3) A kind of inner coating film of cold cathode fluorescent lamp electrode is prepared. The cesium sulfate dark liquid medicine enters the electrode cup of cold cathode fluorescent lamp through a dropper and a needle through a high-pressure blower. The liquid level of the dark liquid medicine in the electrode cup is controlled to be 2/34/5 of the height of the electrode cup. When the dark liquid medicine reaches the set level, the excess dark liquid medicine is sucked away, and the electrode cup is dried and coated at 250 ℃ to complete the inner coating film of the electrode.

Post time: Nov-08-2022