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A message from Anhui Fitech Materials Co.,Ltd CEO Mr.SiJun Hoo about Coronavirus

As we navigate the coronavirus outbreak, I want to thank our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities where we live and workfor their extraordinary efforts during this difficult time.

As a global company that provides essential products and services to support metallurgy and critical chemicals, we are grateful that we cancontinue to fulfill our responsibility.

Many of our employees are working from home, while employees in critical roles at our production, distribution and retail locations arecontinuing to operate these facilities,but with strict protocols to protect the health of our employees and everyone who interacts with us. I am beyond proud of how Fitech Materials employees have come together to care for our customers and each other.

To our customers, I want to emphasize that we're absolutely committed to support your business. You depend on us, and we depend on you,we really are in this together. 

We also greatly appreciate our suppliers, who are working so hard to enable us to operate withoutinterruption.As we adapt to this new reality, we're seeing many heroes emerge. Worldwide, healthcare workers are on the front lines of this crisis,and we are deeply grateful for their service and sacrifice.In our own business, the Fitech Materials people who are coming to work each day, performing essential functions, are helping us manage through this difficult situation, and we thank them. 

We also thank the people behind the scenes, who are working from home to keep ouroperations going. And a special word of appreciation to our customers, who are providing essential products and feeding the world each day.The dedication and commitment of all these heroes is an inspiration.

Stay safe everyone.

Best regards,

Anhui Fitech Materials Co.Ltd